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ATLANTIS SchoolManager: /at-lan-tis skool man-i-jer/ [noun] The comprehensive, web-based school management portal that is guaranteed to give you all the power and convenience you need to seamlessly manage your school processes and records in one platform.

As a game-changing platform, the key philosophy behind ATLANTIS SchoolManager is to make it both possible and easy for serious-minded schools and colleges to leverage this top-of-the-range technology at minimal costs while boosting the quality and integrity of your processes and records.

If you are ready now, it can be deployed and ready to run your school in about 3 hours (typically less). And it does not matter whether yours is a single school in one location or a group of schools spread all over the State or Country.

The robust design, flexible implementation, feature-rich functionalities, quick deployment and super affordable pricing makes ATLANTIS SchoolManager a priceless asset to schools and colleges that take their educational service delivery seriously.

You can even test it live for one full Term for any or all sections of your school. Start paying only when you are satisfied with the performance. To enjoy our 1-Term free deployment for your Nursery, Primary, Junior Secondary and/or Senior Secondary Sections, please Apply Here

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Through more than a decade of diligent engineering and consistent improvements, ATLANTIS SchoolManager has matured into a robust package that delivers five-star performance all the way, all the time. Deploy now and greatly reduce cost of running your school while speeding up daily operations right accross board. When you think ATLANTIS SchoolManager, you are getting value to flawlessly tackle painstaking and time-consuming operations such as the following few:

What Can ATLANTIS SchoolManager Do For You?

It is an incredible array of functionalities and features in one agile platform.

  • Online job vacancies management.
  • To recruit teaching and non-teaching staff.
  • Automatic offer of appointment letters.
  • Staff documentation and onboarding.
  • Staff duty assignments/postings.
  • Complete online admissions management.
  • Dynamic form fees, durations, entry classes.
  • Capture candidates’ screening exam scores.
  • Shortlist candidates & publish admission lists.
  • Detailed admission form sales reports.
  • Automatic offer of admission letters.
  • Dynamic curriculum management.
  • Dynamic max scores and grading schemes.
  • Automatic tracking of missing scores.
  • Automatic grade remarks on report cards.
  • Automatic subject and overall positions.
  • Automatic Principal/Head Teacher signatures.

  • Dynamic fees configurations.
  • Direct online fee collections.
  • Easy management of fee discounts.
  • Manage scholarships & bulk payments.
  • Ultra-precise tracking of fee defaulters.
  • Sundry fee payments reports & analytics.
  • Student attendance tracking.
  • Psychomotor and behavioural traits.
  • Appoint prefects, class captains, and deputies.
  • Upload lesson notes for students/pupils.
  • Issue and mark homeworks online.
  • Students’ English & Math strength meter.
  • Overall top-performing students reports.
  • Manage student disciplinary cases.
  • Generate cummulative performance reports.
  • Generate broadsheet results & transcripts of academic records.

  • PTA activities management.
  • Functional dashboard for School Proprietor.
  • Dedicated dashboard for school manager/principal.
  • School calendar and forecast of events management.
  • Automatic promotions and demotions management.
  • Results vetting, publication and communication to parents.
  • General bulk e-mail messaging to parents or job applicants.
  • Dynamic hostels and accommodation management.
  • Robust system access controls and audit trails.
  • Systsem-wide power search query engine.
  • Sundry reports in detailed and summary versions.
  • Dynamic dashboards for parents, staff and students.
  • Online verification of admissions, results, payments and other documents.

And that is why we are the ones to help you break barriers and stand out from the rest. Really.

ATLANTIS SchoolManager


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There are at least some 36 solid reasons

why you should move on to ATLANTIS SchoolManager right here, right now!

Let’s walk through a few of them:

Free Cloud Hosting & Support

Virtually all other providers in the market ask you to pay ridiculous deployment/sign-on fees, customization fees, hosting fees, maintenance fees and support service fees. But with ATLANTIS SchoolManager, you get all of those services and a lot more value-added bonuses for free!

Distributed School Groups

Whether yours is a single school located in one town or you have a group of many schools located across several towns and/or States, you now have a powerful platform with a holistic database for all branches to pull from and for information to flow seamlessly in real-time.

SfH Financial Support Grants

Our special "Software for Humanity" SCR (Social Corporate Responsibility) programme avails your top-graduating female students the opportunity to win financial and other educational support grants every year, empowering them to study well and advance further in their educational pursuits.

Versatile Fee Collections

Configure fees payable once and sit back while ATLANTIS SchoolManager does the collections and ultra-precise debt tracking for you. Our robust, built-in multi-currency support engine allows you to define and collect fees in any currency. Secure online fee collections/payments through Remita, Interswitch, Paystack, eTranzact, VoguePay and Payant are all supported 100%.

Historic Data Consistency

When you update data (results, biodata, fees, registration records and so on), you want to be sure that the update makes sense and previous records remain unaltered by the update. ATLANTIS SchoolManager keeps and preserves historical data for current students as well as previous students and Alumni so that the integrity of your records and reports remain intact even after decades.

Bonus Website + NoticeBoard

A portal gives restricted access to registered users so that they can get things done according to their roles. ATLANTIS SchoolManager gives you more than just a portal. As part of our numerous bonus goodies, we also provide you up to 120 free website pages and an e-notice board through which you can promote your school and broadcast or advertise important messages to the world without restriction.

Responsive Pixel-Perfect Code

Which means ATLANTIS SchoolManager works great on all manners of devices including laptops, desktops, smart TVs, multimedia SmartBoards, and even simple smart phones (android, iOS, and Windows phones). The layout will always adapt to different screen sizes automatically, so anyone can comfortably use it anywhere, anytime.

Search Engine Optimized

The automatic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) enabled in ATLANTIS SchoolManager means people are likely to find your school quickly when they search online (using Google, for example). This drives traffic to your site and boosts your global ranking — which in turn attracts more parents and students to your school compared to your competitors.

Extensive Analytics & Reporting

With 72 standard reports and analytic tools embedded, deploying ATLANTIS SchoolManager for your school means you have all your facts and figures readily available to aid day-to-day decision-making as well as long-term strategic planning for the success of your school. It is indeed the delight of every School Administrator!

And there is a lot more to know about ATLANTIS SchoolManager Ver 8.0 [Rev 3] in Product Features.

ATLANTIS SchoolManager
Ver 8.0 [Rev 3]

Making. Education. Brilliant. All the Way.

The JiT Promise

A Tradition of Passion, Quality and Excellence

From the first day to the hour you get the last deliverable, our passionate commitment to quality and excellence shows through; and that final smile of satisfaction on your face is always our highest reward of achievement. Our traditions of passion, quality and excellence assure you that:

You get top-notch attention to detail

Leveraging on our experience, we guide you with top-notch attention to detail throughout the solution engineering process until your smiles confirm your satisfaction.

No crazy bills, no worries

We deliver on agreed-to terms, conditions and costs. No excuses thereafter and no reason to ask you to pay a kobo more than agreed-to fees and charges.

Even after delivering on our promise...

We stay with you through thick and thin to fix bugs for free, upgrade features for free and add new functionalities at minimal cost upon your request.

ATLANTIS  SchoolManager

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The making of ATLANTIS SchoolManager 8.0 [rev 3]
Has Come A Looooooong Way!


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Now is the Time to Take the JiT Advantage

OVERALL, one key benefit for all when ATLANTIS SchoolManager is adopted by a school is that all user groups are always, always in touch with and in control of their records wherever they are in the world. This should be very important to you because it means you can get any data or records about your school/education at your convenience, without wasting money, time and other precious resources traveling to your school to obtain crucial information. Whether you are a student, parent, class teacher, exams officer, hostel admin, finance officer or management staff, ATLANTIS SchoolManager’s easy-to-use tools are at your disposal to give you what you need in a few clicks, all the time!

Let’s give your school a boost of brilliance, all the way!

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