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ATLANTIS SchoolManager
Version 8.0


Curriculum Management Module

The freedom to quickly specifiy which subjects are to be taken by students in different classes and which ones are core or elective is at the heart of the many features that make ATLANTIS SchoolManager invariably the best school management and results processing software in Nigeria today. The Curriculum Management Module is an extension of the Dynamic System Configurations Module that facilitates this functionality.

ATLANTIS curriculum management


Subjects Pool Management

All subjects offered at various levels in your School can be captured centrally once, and then individual subjects can be picked and added to curricula during configuration. This has the advantage of speeding up the configuration of curricula as well as avoiding duplication of subjects or incosistencies in spellings and such other common data entry hazards.

Flexible Curriculum Management

When it comes to defining your curriculum, all you need do is type a name for the curriculum, specify which section of your school it applies to, then pick the subjects that make up the curriculum and save. subects can be tagged as core or elective. Once the curriculum has been defined, you can then apply it to the various classes for any given Session or Term.

ATLANTIS curriculum management
One-Time Settings Across Board

Configurations for fee schedules, curriculums, grading schemes and promotions can be applied to single classes, whole sections or the entire school at once, thus saving a lot of time and effort.

Settings Automatically Picked and Applied

Once configured, curriculum settings are automaticallly picked and referenced durring students subject registrations, report card generation, promtions considerations and anywhere else necessary. This saves a LOT of time as you don’t have to re-specify your settings everytime you need to get things done.

Post-Configuration Edits

Configurations are one-time setup process, but Curricula can be edited/updated as often as necessary by approrpiately authorized sys admins to accommodate changes at any time.

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