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It’s a dazziling array of power-packed modules with incredible features, each and every one of which is diligently engineered to deliver five-star performance and guaranteed satisfaction all the way.

Without question, ATLANTIS SchoolManager is the best school management software in Nigeria today! Scroll down for details below.

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 01  System Configurations Module

This Module is the core of what makes ATLANTIS SchoolManager a very robust and flexible system that can be described as truly dynamic. It simplifies the intricate mechanisms for configuration of system-wide settings by your Super Admin. Most configuration settings can be precisely drilled down so that they apply to a specific Session, Term and Class.

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 02  User Accounts Management Module

This Module enables the Super Admin to create various users and grant or revoke privileges so that users do not tresspass beyond what they are authorized to do. Creation of user accounts is flexible, and access permissions for any given user can be reduced or extended beyond group level as deemed appropriate.

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 03  eForms & Online Admissions Module

Online advertisement of admissions, online filling of admission application forms, payment for application forms, shortlistings, tracking of application status, admissions reports and more are handled by this Module. It also includes notifications to candidates at critical stages of their application.

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 04  Enrollment & Promotions Management Module

Mass-enroll students into classes with a few mouse clicks. Automatic promotions criteria can be flexibly configured per Session and applied per Class or across board. Parents and casual visitors to the site can see applicable promotions criteria for any given class or level.

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 05  Fee Collections & Debts Tracking Module

Set fees payable by students and untra-precisely track debtors to the last kobo. Fees can be set in any currency per Class per Term per Session with break-down of fee item details. Secure online payments and traditional methods are supported. Parents and casual visitors to the site can see schedule of fees.

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 06  Secure Online Payments Module

This is a specialized extension of the ATLANTIS SchoolManager Fees Management Module. Our secure online e-Payments API Service Module integrates seamlessly with Nigeria’s top online payments platforms such as Remita, Interswitch WebPAY and BankBranch, Payant, PayStack, VoguePAY, and so on. Transaction fees charged by the platform providers apply.

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 07  Curriculum Management Module

Flexibly configure core and elective subjects to be taken by students in various classes at various levels. Core subjects are automatically registered for students once they are enrolled. Parents and casual visitors to the site can see applicable curricular for any given class or level.

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 08  School Calendar Management Module

This Module facilitates the configuration of Term opening and closing dates as well as mid-term breaks. Settings can be diversified at Section level (different settings for nursery, primary & secondary sections) or unified across board at once. Parents and casual visitors to the site can see school calendars.

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 09  Academic Records Management Module

Flexibly manage minimum and maximum CA and exams scores, grading schemes, subject scores and grade computations, class position calculations, automatic report cards generation, generation of cummulative performance reports, broadsheet results, transcripts of academic records, etc.

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 10  Student Attendance Tracking Module

Students’ class and/or subject attendance can be recorded on the spot or uploaded via Excel spreadsheets daily, weekly or monthly. Attendance records are automatically embedded in students’ Term Report Cards and extensive attendance reports can be generated for further actions as desired.

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 11  Student Behavioural Traits Assessment

Assessments of students’ cognitive and psychomotor behaviours can easily be recorded on the system, which automatically appear in their regular Term Report Cards and can also be used in career guidance as well as regular guidance and counseling talks.

 12  Hostels Accommodation Management Module

This Module provides a comprehensive range of functionalities for managing dorm facilities, configuring available bed spaces, setting hostel fees, checking students into and out of hostels, allocating bed spaces, hostel maintenance records, various accommodation-related reports, etc.

 13  Student Staff Evaluation Module

One of the keys to being ranked high on quality-consciousness is when the School Management motivates staff and regularly evaluates staff from different angles to ascertain Staff performance. Many schools do not incorporate student evaluation of Staff; but ATLANTIS SchoolManager provides built-in functionalities that facilitate taking students’ opinion into account when evaluating Staff. Teaching and non-teaching staff can be evaluated.

 14  Dynamic Search Query Engine

A powerful school records management and reports generation web portal like ATLANTIS SchoolManager will not be of much use if people cannot easily find information that will probably draw them closer to your school. Our powerful built-in search engine behaves just like Google: meaning you can search like "best student in Physics 2024" or "find my class mates 2006 set" or school fees for 2nd term 2024" or "admission list for 2023" etc.

 15  General Information / Notice Board Management Module

This Module provides the means by which general information meant for public consumption can be published on the school "e-Notice Board". Such pieces of information include academic calendar, grading schemes, promotions criteria, Students Hall of Fame, schedule of fees payable and so on.

 16  Staff Leave & Absences Management Module

Manage leave types, typical durations, categories of staff that can apply, leave credits and deductions, leave applications and approvals, generate leave reports, etc.

 17  Online Documents Verification Module

Through this secure Module, any document purported to have been issued by your school can be instantly verified online from anywhere in the world. This is especially important in verification of results, fee payments, offers of admission and so on.

 18  Bulk e-Messaging Services Module

This Module provides an easy-to-use mass communication interface for sending free e-mail messages to candidates, students, parents, job applicants and any other group of people who use your portal. There is provision for integration with bulk sms services too.

 19  PTA Activities Management Module

There is room for the PTA to manage their activities including intervention projects, announcements, uploading of minutes of meetings and more.

 20  Alumni Tracking & Re-Unions Module

Track your graduated students and keep them connected to their alma mata with flexible re-unions, fund raising campaigns and more.

 21  Audit-Trail Logging & Reporting Module

This Module ensures that every critical action performed on the platform is automatically logged for future reference and audit purposes. Such activities that are logged include, but are not limited to, posting or updating of results, confirmation of fee payments, promotion of students, approval of leaves, etc.

 22  Funds Raising Campaigns Module

When the need arises to raise funds for your School for whatever purpose, this Module makes it easy for people to make donations to the cause without having to physically visit you when they do not have to. You can acknowledge donations and Donors see where their donations are going in real-time.

 23  Vacancies & Staff Recruitment Management Module

This Module covers everything from managing job vacancy advertisements to automatic cv generation for applicants, shortlisting of applicants, issuance of employment offer letters to applicants and more.

 24  Students’ Personal Dashboard

This Module provides easy-to-use interfaces for each student to access their personal profile, statements of results, honours, disciplinary actions, fee payments/debts profile, dorm accommodation records, etc.

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 25  Parents’ / Guardians’ Dashboard

Parents/Guardians can track their children/wards and see report cards, attendance records, disciplinary actions, fee payments records and more. Parents/Guardians can also see PTA-related notices here.

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 26  Form Masters’ / Class Teachers’ Dashboard

User-friendly interfaces make work life so much easier than ever before for Form Masters, Class Masters, and Subject Teachers. These groups of users can see their students, take attendance, view reports and more.

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 27  Admissions Office Dashboard

ATLANTIS SchoolManager provides functionalities that ease the Admissions Office tasks and workflows such as advertisement of admission forms, inviting candidates for screening exams, shortlisting of successful candidates, generating applications and admissions reports, communicating with candidates and their parents/guardians, etc.

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 28  Exams Office Dashboard

The Examination Officer(s) have their own dashboard through which exams-related settings and actions are properly handled. Available features include dynamic configuration of school subjects and curriculums, max CA & Exams scores obtainable, results grading schemes, configuration of promotions criteria, generation of Exam Admittance Cards, class lists, report cards, broadsheets and so on.

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 29  Finance / Accounts Office Dashboard

The Finance Officer(s) / Accountants have their own dashboard through which money-related settings and actions are properly handled. Available features include dynamic configuration of payable fee schedules, confirmation of payments (where manual payments are accepted), tracking of debtors, monitoring payments in real-time, and generating payment reports.

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 30 Hostels Admin Dashboard

Through this Module, the Hostel Admin can manage or configure hostel blocks, rooms and bed spaces, check students into and out of hostels, allocate bed spaces to students, log hostel offences, log and track hostels maintenance issues, view occupancy reports, view hostel offenders reports, and so much more.

 31  School Head / Manager’s Dashboard

ATLANTIS SchoolManager provides the Principal Administrator (i.e Headmaster, Principal or School Manager as the case may be) with tools that facilitate staff appointments/postings, management of leaves & absences, as well as access to all reports on students, admissions, fee payments, hostel residencies, staff and student disciplinary actions and more!

 32  School Owner(s) / Proprietor(s)’ Dashboard

Actual owners or proprietors of the School may not be involved in day-to-day administration; but they can have access to important reports like admissions & enrollments reports, graduation statistics, fee payments reports, attendance reports, disciplinary action reports, minutes of PTA meetings and more!

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