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ATLANTIS SchoolManager
Version 8.0


Secure Online Payments Module

The ATLANTIS SchoolManager online payments sub-system is a specialized extension of the ATLANTIS SchoolManager Fee Collections & Debts Tracking Module. We developed this special module in response to the need to afford parents the opportunity to enjoy the ease and convenience of fast online payments from anywhere around the world using any bank-issued debit card (MasterCard, Verve or Visa). The School is also able to receive alerts of such payments even before they log in to the portal to check. When you go with our online payment API services, it means payments for fees and other services can be made without having to carry cash to the School’s Accounts Office or having to go join long queues at banking halls.

ATLANTIS online payments

Our secure Online e-Payments API Service Module integrates seamlessly with Nigeria’s top online payments platforms like Paystack, Remita, Interswitch, Flutterwave, eTranzact, VoguePay and more. It is also TSA-ready for government schools that must be TSA-compliant. Here are some key features:

Industry-Standard Security
All connections to and data transmissions between your users and JiT Servers are securely encrypted using industrial-strength algorithms and protocols of the same class as those used by commercial banks for wiring money and other sensitive transactions around the world. Thus, you can be sure that all transactions are safe so long as users observe all safety precautions as advised whenever conducting online transactions.

Automatic Payments Splitting
If you so desire, payments can be automaticallly split and routed to different accounts as specified by you (eg: a student pays ₦48,000.00 as school fees for a Term. ATLANTIS SchoolManager can automatically split the fees for you so that ₦22,000.00 goes to an account in Bank A as Tuition Fees, ₦3,500.00 goes to an account in Bank B as Practical Laboratory Fees, ₦10,650.00 goes to an account in Bank X as External Examination Fees, and so on.

For schools on the Treasury Single Account (TSA) system, our integration with Remita ensures your monies go straight to your designated accounts with the Federal Government.

Pay From Any Bank
School may have a payments account with Bank X, but students, parents and other payees don’t necessarily have to pay through Bank X. They can pay School fees from any other bank and the money will be automatically moved to the School’s designated bank account in Bank X. Payment convenience has never been greater!

Even More Features: The ATLANTIS SchoolManager online payments sub-system also offers the following additional features for your convenience:

  • Unlimited Fee Types
    The module caters for all kinds of fee payments (admission forms, regular school fees, special levies, hostel accommodation fees, meal ticket fees, etc) and more can always be dynamically added as the School deems fit.

  • Instant Posting to School Accounts
    Payments go straight to the School’s designated bank account(s) and funds are accessible immediately once cleared by your bank.

  • Prompt Notifications
    Automatic on-screen, e-mail and sms notifications for all successful transactions.

  • Printable Records
    Printable personalized transaction payment advice and receipts are available to students, parents and other users of the Portal who make payments.

  • Automatic Re-Queries
    When transactions fail (e.g due to network hitches, insufficient funds in payees account, invalid authorization pins, etc), such transactions can always be requeried by the payees themselves to resolve the failure with just a button click. There is just no way your money can ever go unpaid or unacknowledged.

  • Full Transaction Logs and Reports
    Full transaction logs and reports are available for successful, failed or pending transactions to aid quick reconciliations and other decision making. Complete log histories of every transaction is also available both to the school and payee, making it it very easy to trace and resolve any unlikely issues that may arise with any payment.

Let’s give your school a boost of brilliance, all the way!

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