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ATLANTIS SchoolManager
Version 8.0


eForms & Online Admissions Module

This Module is yet another key component which, by virtue of its many unbeatable features, make ATLANTIS SchoolManager invariably the best school management software in Nigeria today.

ATLANTIS admissions management

The eForms and Online Admissions Module provides a convinient way to advertise your admissions online and have prospective students apply online. It makes it both possible and easy for parents, guardians or sponsors to discover your school and appply for their children’s/ward’s enrolment without having to travel long distances to pick up or submit application forms. Key features of this module include:

No Scratch Cards, No Wastages: Direct online payments for application forms eliminates the costs of scratch card production and distribution. It also removes the stress on candidates and/or their parents having to go to specific outlets (which may be towns and cities away) to purchase such cards. Using regular bank-issued debit cards (i.e ATM Cards), internet banking and other e-channels, the ATLANTIS SchoolManager eForms and admissions management platform brings relief and ease to everyone.

Higher Institutions Also Covered: The ATLANTIS SchoolManager eForms and Online Admissions module handles not only nursery, primary and secondary school admissions, but also the more advanced admission processes of higher institutions of learning. Universities, Polytechnics, Colleges of Education and similar institutions that regularly conduct admission exercises can benefit from the ease and robustness of the eForms Module.

Three Types of Admissions: The module handles regular admissions, transfer admissions and special admissions. Further, admissions can be handled at any time of the session and for entry into any class/level.

Dynamic Application Fees: Application form fees can be dynamically and independently configured in any currency for any entry class or level. There is room for normal applications and late applications, and these too can easily be configured to have different fees and different currencies.

Screening and Selection of Candidates: Secure admin interfaces are available for inviting candidates to pre-admission screening exams/interviews, uploading screening exam/interview scores, shortlisting candidates for admission after screening, automatically composing and dispatching offer of admission letters, enrolling admitted students into classes, etc.

Even More Features: The ATLANTIS SchoolManager eForms and Online Admissions module sure has a dfew more unbeatable features that make ATLANTIS SchoolManager invariably the best school management software in Nigeria today:

  • Automatic e-mail (and optional sms) notifications all through the admission process (payment confirmation, form submission, shortlisting, etc). E-mails are graphically formatted with School’s logo and brand colours. SMS notifications are also supported if subscribed to.

  • Printable personalized candidates’ application forms and payment slips are available on their dashboard when they log in. Authorized school staff can also access those documents online for viewing or printing.

  • Admissions Reports – Comprehensive form sales and admission reports and statistics are available at the following categories/levels:
    • Candidates reports by admissions category (regular, special, transfer).

    • Candidates reports by Country, State or LGA.

    • Candidates reports by gender, scores in screening excersise, or parental status (staff children and non-staff children).

    • Candidates reports by payment status (paid, unpaid).

    • Candidates reports by admission status (admitted, not admitted).

Let’s give your school a boost of brilliance, all the way!

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