JiT "Software For Humanity"

Facilitating Girl-Child Education for a Better Society

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Every year, the JiT "Software for Humanity" Education Support Grants empower your top-performing female students from JSS1 to SS3 with cash prizes and useful school materials to help them excel even more. Deploy ATLANTIS SchoolManager and start benefiting now.

Facilitating Girl-Child Education for a Better Society

Our "Software for Humanity" Education Support Grants programme is a special arrangement by JiT Portals (Nig) to facilitate girl-child education for a better society wherever ATLANTIS SchoolManager is deployed.

The "Software for Humanity" Education Support Grants avail your top-performing female students the opportunity to win finanical and other educational support grants every year so that they can have the facilities needed to study well and achieve greater successes in their educational pursuits. It is the core foundation of our CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) programme and we take it with all seriousness. Please find further details below.

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Terms and Conditions

For the JiT Education Support Grants

1:  512+ Student Population

For your students to start benefiting from our Education Support Grants, the school must have not less than 512 students/pupils actively enroled on the portal. Winners will start emerging three years after deployment of ATLANTIS SchoolManager for that school.

2:  Open to Girls Only, But...

The JiT "Education Support Grants" offer is open to only female students at this time, unless if the school is a boys-only school. However, we hope to be able to offer it to both genders in all schools in the nearest future.

3:  Annual Cummulative Results

A student is recognized as top-performing only if she emerges overall best for all results considered from first to third term of the academic session concerned. ATLANTIS SchoolManager automatically does the calculations and rankings to determine the best-performing students.

4:  70% Cummulative Average Required

The winner must not only be the top-performing student, but her overall average scores (1st, 2nd and 3rd Terms) must be 70% or above. A top-performing student with less than 70% overall average may be considered only at the discretion of JiT Board of Advisers.

5:  Grants in Cash and Kind

When chosen, the winners will be rewarded with learning materials and/or cash amounts to be determined by JiT Portals (Nig). The materials will primarily include recommended textbooks, mathematical sets, school bags, and/or comlete sets of school uniforms.

6:  Disbursement by Bank Transactions Only

Parents of winning students who are awarded cash sums shall be required to provide details of a (Nigeria) bank account, through which the winning student’s cash award shall be transfered when approved.

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