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ATLANTIS SchoolManager
Version 8.0


Fee Configuration, Collections & Debts Tracking Module

The ATLANTIS SchoolManager fees configuration, collection and debt tracking module is one of the most powerful and flexible modules of this platform. It enables authorized Bursary/Accounts Department staff of the School to manage fee items, quickly configure schedules of various fees payable by students with support for hierarchical definitions per session per term per section and/or per class. The generation of various fees-related reports is also superb.

Also importantly, it provides flexibility in allowing Schools to choose how any given fees should be paid. For example, it is easy to specify that fees be paid online through bank-issued debit cards, or by allowing people to walk into any commercial bank to make payment and the payment is automatically routed to the School’s designated bank account, or by requiring them to walk to the School’s Bursary/Accounts Department and pay by cash or cheque.

ATLANTIS fees management and debts tracking
Dynamic Fee Configurations

School fees usually consist of many discrete fee items (eg: tuition fees, library development fees, ID card fees, school uniform fees, PTA levy, etc). Also, not all fees are applicable to all students all the time. With ATLANTIS SchoolManager Fees Management Module, configuring all fees payable by your students is as easy as it is comprehensive – such that additional fees can even be configured and applied to individual students as might be desired (eg optional bus subscription fees and/or optional hostel accommodation fees).

Multi-Currency Support

Fees can be configured and collected in any currency of the world, subject to applicable legal or government regulations.

Ultra-Precise Debt Tracking

Students unpaid debts are cummulatively tracked and profiled. Such debt prifles are filterable for individual students or for whole classes, sections and/or the entire school or group of schools.

Advance Payment of Fees

Parents or Sponsors who wish to pay the wards’ fees several Terms or Sessions ahead can easily do so by generating a special invoice with which they make the payment. The system then automatically uses the Transaction Reference Code on that invoice to automatically deduct fees due every Term until the amount on the invoice is exhausted.

Multiple Payment Channels

Fee payments are not limited to any one particular method or channel. We bring ease and convenience to your students and their parents/guardians to choose whichever method is most convenient for them – thus fees can be configured to be paid through many channels such as online payments, bank brach payment, cash-in-hand payments or a combination of them.

Automatic Payments Splitting

If the School so desires, payments can be automatically split at source and routed to different accounts as specified by the School (eg: a student pays ₦48,000.00 as school fees for a Term. ATLANTIS SchoolManager can automatically split the fees so that ₦22,000.00 goes to an account in Bank A as Tuition Fees, ₦3,500.00 goes to another account in Bank B as Practical Laboratory Fees, ₦10,650.00 goes to yet another account in Bank X as External Examination Fees, and so on. ATLANTIS SchoolManager Fees Management Module is able to do that automatically when payments are made online or at a Bank Branch.

Consolidated Debt Profiles

All debts owed by students from their first day of enrolment to date can be easily consolidated and printed in one page, with option of showing full details of each debt item.

Countless Fee-Related Reports

Admin has access to many fees payments-related reports with drill-downs to session, term, section and/or class. Reports are viewable onscreen and may also be printed or exported to Excel for further analysis.

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