Frequently-Asked Questions

Frequently-Asked Questions

1. Can your solution allow us to migrate our records from other providers or legacy systems like paper-based records?

Yes, ATLANTIS SchoolManager is designed to allow schools to digitize and easily migrate their old paper-based records onto the platform. Records can also be easily migrated from other providers into ATLANTIS SchoolManager databases provided the provider’s system can export data in any of the data formats supported by ATLANTIS SchoolManager (i.e Excel or JSON).

2. Is it possible for a School to simply pay a one-off subscription fee rather than going with your current "pay-as-you-go" charge of ₦1,475.00 per student per Term?

Yes, it is possible. Interested schools can contact us so that details can be negotiated and implemented.

4. How about negotiating your current "pay-as-you-go" charge of ₦1,475.00 per student per Term? Can we pay less?

The default answer to that is NO, because that price point is already well-discounted in your favour given the massive value you get in return. But who knows, maybe you have a strong reason to merit an exceptional discount. Please contact us and let us know your situation, so that we can decide if you merit some discounted charges.

5. If online payment gateway is integrated, how much is the transaction fees and who bears it?

Online payment transaction fees depend on the Gateway provider chosen. Usually, they charge around 1.5% per transaction capped at ₦2,000.00. Some of them also agree to a flat fee of ₦300.00 per transaction for schools and educational institutions. The person making the payment (i.e. the students or parents) bear the cost.

6. What if our School allows both online payments and manual (cash-in-hand) payment of fees? How does your system reconcile that?

The fees collection and debts tracking module of ATLANTIS SchoolManager provides flexible options for you to collect fees exclusively online, or exclusively manually (cash-in-hand), or a combination of both. Further, you can easily configure how the fees paid should be automatically split and posted into various bank accounts whithout you having to manually sort and calculate fees components.

7. We have some students who do not pay fees (like the less-privileged that we provide free education to). How does your portal handle their cases?

No problem, the platform provides for special students like that who pay lesser or no school fees. Finance Office staff can easily pull the records of such students to specify the amount of discounts they enjoy (from 0% - 100% discount) and the system automatically handles the rest. In addition, the total value of fee discounts and waivers can always be generated at any time, so that you can analize and quantify the monetary value of free or discounted education you provide to such students (individually or as a whole).

8. Concerning your interesting Software for Humanity Education Support Grants for Girls, what if our school is a Boys-only school?

We also avail boys of this rare opportunity in Boys-Only Schools, subject to the same general terms and conditions as applicable to girls.

9. If we deploy now for our single School but we later grow and have many branches, how can ATLANTIS SchoolManager scale to meet our demands?

Whether yours is a single school or a group of many schools located across several States, ATLANTIS SchoolManager provides you a powerful yet flexible platform with a holistic database for all branches to pull from and for information to flow seamlessly in real-time. Scaling up is in the core DNA of ATLANTIS SchoolManager; so it is built to not only grow when you grow, but actively open up opportunities for you to grow!

10. Apart from your awesome Software for Humanity University Scholarships for Girls, what other goodies do you have for schools that adopt your solution?

There are quite a number of other opportunities for Schools that adopt ATLANTIS SchoolManager. One of such is sponsoring your Teachers to undergo regular professional training programmes at the National Teachers Institute (NTI) Kaduna for example. There are a few other goodies we are currently working on to further support Schools that adopt our solution to deliver quality education all the time.

11. Do you accept partnerships from individuals, other businesses or Government agencies?

Yes, sure!. If you have any viable partnership opportunities you’d like to propose to us, please get in touch so that details can be worked out and implemented.

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