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Academic Records Management Module

This Module handles the all-important aspect of students’ academic records processing and publishing which encompasses such activities as compilation of continuous assessment scores, final term exam scores, computation of grades, subject positions, class positions, results comments and more. The many unmatchable features built into this Module is one of those key factual criteria that make ATLANTIS SchoolManager invariably the best school management and results processing software in Nigeria today.

ATLANTIS academic records management

Capture C.A. and exam scores per subject per class one after the other in one screen; or prepare everything offline in Excel templates and upload them at once when done.

Flexible Scores Settings: The Exams Officer or any other appropriately authorized staff can log in and set MAX scores configurations for C.As and Term examinations for any Session and Term (eg: Max score obtainable for 1st C.A is 20.00, 2nd C.A. is 10.00, Term Exam is 70.00). These settings can be applied to any specific class with specific assessment quality needs or across board to the entire school.

Flexible Grading: Grading of scores is 100% configuration-driven, with the default being the usual WAEC/NECO grading standards (i.e: 0.00 – 39.99 = "F9", 40.00 – 44.99 = "D8", 45.00 – 49.99 = "D7" ... 75.00 – 100 = "A1"). However, the flexibility of ATLANTIS SchoolManager means you could use the default as above or you could re-configure your grading schemes to suit your standards at any time (eg: 0.00 – 49.99 = "F9", 50.00 – 60.99 = "D", 61.00 – 69.99 = "C", 70.00 – 79.99 = "B", 80.00 – 85.99 = "B+", 86.00 – 90.99 = "A", 91.00 – 100 = "A+").

Dynamic Drill Downs: All configurations are drilled down and applied at Class, Session and Term levels; thereby guaranteeing that historical integrity of all results computations are 100% assured. In order words, if for example your settings for 2nd Term 2010/2011 Session specifies that any score between 0 – 44 should be graded as an "F" for SS 1 classes but by 3rd Term of that Session your policy changes the requirements to any score between 0 – 39 should be graded as an "F", both settings will be exactly preserved as specified without losing accuracy whenever results are recalled later in future.

Parents/Guardians’ Access: Apart from enabling students to log in and view or print their report cards at any point in time, the examinations management module also enables their parents, guardians or sponsors to log in and view or print those report cards too. All report cards are available term-by-term in one dashboard, from the time of entry into the school to the time of completion or exit.

Even More Features: The academic results computations and publishing module also offers the following unique features for your convenience:

  • Printable personalized students’ C.A/Examination answer sheets, complete with auto-embosed passport photos.

  • Printable personalized students’ Examination Admittance Cards to curtail impersonation and related examination offences.

  • You need not spend scarce funds to print statements of results any more, as students and their sponsors can take advantage of the online results checking capabililites of ATLANTIS SchoolManager (and they can print it themselves if they so wish).

  • All academic report cards are accessible term-by-term in one dashboard, from the student’s time of entry into the school to the their time of completion or exit.

  • Powerful and convenient results moderation functionalities included to facilitate authorized batch moderation of results prior to publishing.

  • Automatic inclusion of affective and psychomotor assessment scores into term report cards.

  • Generation of class-wise results in Broadsheet format for easy "big picture" view and printing by class teachers and other authorized staff.

  • Automatic communication of published examination results to the online dashboard, e-mail and mobile phones (sms) of students’ parents/guardians/sponsors.

  • Automatic generation (and printing) of Transcripts of academic records, dossiers and testimonials.

In summary, the academic results computation and publications management module of ATLANTIS SchoolManager really simplifies the processing and publication of C.A. and Term examinations results. Not only is accuracy and consistency assured at all times, but the fact that computation of positions, scores grading and determination of promotions eligibility are all automatically picked from your configurations settings and applied to every result means that fairness to all is also always assured.

Let’s give your school a boost of brilliance, all the way!

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