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ATLANTIS SchoolManager
Version 8.0


Class Enrollments & Promotions Management Module

ATLANTIS enrolments and promotions management

Enrolment of New Students Students who are newly admitted through regular, special or transfer admissions can be enrolled into their assigned classes using this module via a few mouse click. There is also provision for mass enrolment via Excel uploads.

Enrolments After Promotions: At the end of each Third Term, deserving students are usually promoted to the next class, graduated, repeated, demoted or withdrawn. The ATLANTIS SchoolManager Class Enrolments & Promotions Management Module makes all these easy, consistent and timely.

Automatic Promotion Rules: The school can define promotion rules using this module and whenever Third Term results are computed, students due for promotion are automatically highlighted for confirmation or they can be automatically promoted if so configured. Those not qualified are indicated with full reasons (eg: "Failed in one core subject", or "Failed in Mathematics", or "Failed to pass minimum number of elective subjects" and so on). The Exams Officer or any other appropriately authorized staff can select the non-promotable students and decide their fate (eg: pormote on probation, repeat, demote, or withdraw).

Promotion Tags: Whenever students are enrolled into their new classes after promotions via this module, their records are tagged to indicate why they were enrolled. For example "Promoted on Merit", or "Promoted on Probation", or "Demoted Due to Poor Academic Performance", etc.

Flexible, Manual Overide: There is room for appropriately authorized staff to log in and overide some promotion rules as might be deemed neccessary. For example, students who are not eligible for promotion according to the set rules can be promoted on probation or some other conditions as might be set by the School.

Strict Enforcement of Access Control: Automatic checkmating of illegal access (e.g: via url scripting or other forms of manipulation) is strictly applied on this module as it is on many other sensitive modules of the portal. This ensures that only authorized staff can carry out class enrolments and promotions. Further, the system audit trail logs can always be viewed to see who enroled any given student into any class for any given Session or Term.

Automatic Subject Registrations: When students are enrolled into a class, the core subjects to be taken in that class as detailed in the Curriculum Management Module are automatically registered for the student. This has the advantage of ensuring that all students care able to take lectures, tests and exams in all core subjects, while the few electives can be registered for them either by the Exams Office or their Class Tearcher / Form Master.

Sessional Photo Uploads: This module has facilities for uploading students’ passport photographs once every Academic Session (usually in the First Term) so that the physical changes in their facial features are also tracked as they grow during their school years. All documents associated with each Session (eg: report cards, fee payment slips, hostel accommodation records, etc) are automatically embossed with students’ corresponding passport photographs whenever such records are recalled for viewing or printing.

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