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ATLANTIS SchoolManager
Version 8.0


System Configurations Module

This module is the core of what makes ATLANTIS SchoolManager a very robust and flexible system that can be described as truly dynamic because it provides the intricate mechanisms for orchestrating a configurations-driven and rules-controlled system.

Through this dynamic module, you are able to seamlessly manage all configuration settings for the various elements of your school. These include configuring your school structure (i.e the Sections and Classes you have, irrespective of their numbers or locations), your annual school calendar settings, your admission application forms, your fee schedules and transaction currencies, your school curriculums, your grading schemes and promotions criteria, your hostels blocks, rooms and bed spaces, etc.

Regardless of how simple or complex your school structure and operational requirements are, the ATLANTIS SchoolManager System Configurations Module gives you the power and flexibility you need to quickly set up and get going in a matter of minutes. Below are some salient features:

Flexible Multi-Branch Configuration

If your school is made up of two or more branches, configuration can be managed for different branches and the specifics of each branch is independently taken care of (e.g: differences in location addresses, differences in Section or Class nomenclature, even differences in logos and mottos are handled excellently).

Multi-Branch Aggregated Reporting

If you have two or more branches, configuration allows the Proprietor(s) to see reports from all sections across all branches in one place; while Principals or Heads of the various Schools and Sections only see reports of their domain.

One-Time Settings Across Board

Configurations for fee schedules, curriculums, grading schemes and promotions can be applied to single classes, whole sections or the entire school at once, thus saving a lot of time and effort.

Settings Automatically Picked and Applied

Once configured, settings are automaticallly picked and referenced or applied in report card statements, fee payment slips, subjects registrations and elsewhere whenever needed. This saves a LOT of time as you don’t have to re-specify your settings everytime you need to get things done.

Post-Configuration Edits

Configurations are one-time setup process, but post-configuration edits and updates are allowed for approrpiately authorized sys admins to accommodate changes at any time.

Preservation of Historical Integrity During Edits

In some cases, edits/updates made after records are captured gives you the option to preserve all old settings (for historical accuracy) or overwrite with the new settings if you so wish.

Let’s give your school a boost of brilliance, all the way!

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