ATLANTIS SchoolManager Modules & Features

ATLANTIS SchoolManager
Version 8.0


Users Accounts Management Module

Once deployed, the school’s members of staff are able to log in to ATLANTIS SchoolManager and carry out their usual assigned duties. For example, Bursary/Accounts Office staff can log in an confirm fee payments or generate lists of students who are owing fees. Likewise, Hostels Admin/House Masters can log in and check students into or out of hostels while Exams Officers can log in and upload scores, set grading criteria or publish approved results, and so on...

The User Accounts & Access Privileges Management Module enables the Super Admin to create various users and grant or revoke privileges so that users do not tresspass beyond what they are authorized to do. Below are some key features of this module:

Flexible User Accounts Creation Create single users one at a time or create multiple users in Excel spreadsheets and upload at once. Staff accounts can be created even when you are not yet certain about their roles or duties. Access control can be applied later.

Granular Access Control: Common user group permissions can be applied at account creation (or later); but permissions for any given user can be reduced or extended beyond group level at any time as deemed appropriate.

Strict Enforcement of Access Control: Automatic checkmating of illegal access (e.g: via url scripting), thus ensuring that users only have access to pages they are permitted to work on.

Accounts Blocking & Unblocking: Temporarily disable staff accounts (e.g when they go on leave or when they are on disciplinary probation) and restore access when resumed or cleared.

System Logs: Extensive audit trails that log critical user actions for later review whenever required are automatically in place.

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